Planning for the Future

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A man without vision in life is regarded as someone who is not worth living. The blind man without vision of the eyes could be more successful in life, when is mind is active and full of propitious vision. One who prepares ardently for the future becomes more successful than the other who based his future on mere game of chance. Investing for the future could come in different ways; the short term and the long term. It is the short term planning that will address some pressing issues, like payment of tax, bills, etc. On the other hand, the long term investment strategies involve planning for children’s education, retirement and vacations.

The Right Way to Buy Facebook

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, as Facebook’s initial public offering is slated for May 18. Between now and then, management will go on its “roadshow” to explain its strategy to potential investors, and excitement over the deal is likely to grow.Facebook brought in revenues of just over $1 billion last quarter, up 45% from […]

Trading Yuan? Expect More Bumps Ahead

In a shift with profound implications for the rest of the world but especially commodity-producing nations, China’s multitudinous and diligently frugal savers are increasingly looking for better returns on their hard-earned cash than is currently offered by the closely managed banks. The ability to tightly control the interest-rate spread that Chinese banks operate under. Read […]

Should You Buy Shares in Funds — or Fund Companies?

The reason this: Assets under management are rising at some, but not all firms. Money is flowing into some of these firms, but not all. Margins are being squeezed almost everywhere. And many investment firms — where investors were hoping for better quarterly results — are taking it on the chin.Another firm to consider is […]

Stocks Have Outgrown the Economy

The S&P stock index of the us has grown by 11.8 percent the push like this will hit all time-high.The investors are wondering if the prices have gone high by the measure. The wall street’s prediction for 2012 predicts at 13.3 times as per the averages index.The purpose of comparing the stocks with the economy […]

May Is No Longer a Bad Month for Stocks

Consider first the period since 1896, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average was created, up through the 1980s. Over that 94-year period, May on average was eclipsed only by September as the worst month of the calendar for the stock market.Over the next two decades, in contrast, May became one of the best months of […]

Now’s Not the Time to Sell Apple Stock

It has become a popular sport among investors these days to bash Apple Inc. stock and forecast what some denizens of the message boards are calling “the inevitable fall.” Selling Apple right now whether it is unloading shares or betting against the company through short sales or options would be the Stupid Investment of the […]

The Return of Muni-Bond Insurance

After a surprisingly solid year, the $3.7 trillion muni-bond business is getting another boost: the return of insurance. For investors, this means more municipal bonds will again come with an added layer of protection. The downside is that yields on those offerings will likely drop. Read the full article here: The Return of Muni-Bond Insurance

With ETFs, Timing Is Everything

During the afternoon happy hour, bars cut the price of drinks and bakeries drop the price of bread. But increasingly, the opposite is true in the investing world: It can cost a lot more to trade an exchange-traded fund after lunchtime.An ETF, of course, is a basket of stocks, bonds, commodities or a variety of […]

2 Ways to Invest in Transportation

alk about all aboard. The six largest publicly traded North American railroads have been chugging along, delivering a 8.5 percent gain as a group over the past year, compared with the broader Dow Jones transportation index, which is down more than 3 percent.Experts also emphasize that large companies — which include Union Pacific (UNP: 112.44, […]