Planning for the Future

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A man without vision in life is regarded as someone who is not worth living. The blind man without vision of the eyes could be more successful in life, when is mind is active and full of propitious vision. One who prepares ardently for the future becomes more successful than the other who based his future on mere game of chance. Investing for the future could come in different ways; the short term and the long term. It is the short term planning that will address some pressing issues, like payment of tax, bills, etc. On the other hand, the long term investment strategies involve planning for children’s education, retirement and vacations.

5 Calm Stocks for Any Market

Down 90 yesterday. Up 40 today. Welcome to volatility, 2012-style. Indeed, as of Feb. 15 there wasn’t a single trading day this year where the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished down 100 points or more. For many investors, it’s a refreshing change from last year, when triple-digit swings were the norm. But many pros say […]

Dow Hits 13,000, But What Next?

The last time the Dow hit 13,000, stocks quickly proceeded to take a 50% nosedive. But as the index briefly crossed that milestone today, many advisers said the market looks a whole lot safer this time around. The Dow broke 13,000 several times on Tuesday, before ending the day at 12966, up 16 points. It […]

Why Investors Think Past Performance Will Persist

Why is it so hard for investors to regard such short-term hot streaks with the cold eye they deserve?William Burns, an analyst at Decision Research, says investors’ forecasts of the market’s return over the coming year were heavily swayed by how stocks performed in the previous month.Some investors seem to have learned how to resist […]

The ‘Consumptionist’ Dead End

It’s the modern incarnation of Keynesian economics, the belief that the economy grows as a result of government spending. By putting more money in people’s pockets, so the thinking goes, they will spend more and stimulate growth. This approach holds forth that that consumption itself is the source of prosperity Read the full article here: […]

The Dumbest Investment Move

There are plenty of stupid investments you can make in this world. Stock in and Washington Mutual didn’t work out so well. Nor did those Las Vegas condos. Some of the social media and Web 2.0 stocks flying high on Wall Street will probably follow suit. But the most foolish investment of all may […]

Emerging-Market Pros Sharpen Their Focus

Ethan Anderson, an independent planner in Grand Rapids, Mich., whose firm manages $1.5 billion, is buying exchange-traded funds to get clients direct exposure to Korea and Malaysia. Greg Peterson in Waltham, Mass., whose firm manages $3.5 billion in assets, is considering increasing client allocations to single-country funds focused on China and India.Given the outperformance, even […]

With Funds, How Important Is Family, Really?

When it comes to mutual fund performance, investors often think of stars like value manager Bill Nygren or bond gurus like Michael Hasenstab and Jeffrey Gundlach. Such figures are the public faces of the mutual fund industry, for good or ill-filling investment conference halls, holding court on cable finance shows and facing shareholder wrath when […]

The Right Way to Buy Facebook

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, as Facebook’s initial public offering is slated for May 18. Between now and then, management will go on its “roadshow” to explain its strategy to potential investors, and excitement over the deal is likely to grow.Facebook brought in revenues of just over $1 billion last quarter, up 45% from […]

Trading Yuan? Expect More Bumps Ahead

In a shift with profound implications for the rest of the world but especially commodity-producing nations, China’s multitudinous and diligently frugal savers are increasingly looking for better returns on their hard-earned cash than is currently offered by the closely managed banks. The ability to tightly control the interest-rate spread that Chinese banks operate under. Read […]